Laikiki's Rabbitry -Urban Mini Farm is Located in the heart of Tacoma, WA. My hobby is raising pedigreed quality rabbits. This is not a business but a passionate hobby! My main focus is raising beautiful, quality, double maned purebred lionheads!!!!! I have raised different breeds of bunnies for over 20 years, attempting to find my perfect breed that I enjoy working with the most. My passion raising my quality beautiful pedigreed lionhead rabbits since 2007! I started raising Beautiful I am a proud Member #C791 for ARBA

updated note:
My rabbitry goals are to raise beautiful great quality, purebred, double maned lionhead rabbits with great temperaments! All of my rabbits are loved dearly and assessed for quality accordingly! Each rabbit gets individual time and attention daily and time to play and exercise indoors and outdoors too :) I have greatly reduced my rabbitry due to lack of time due to life changes! This way I am able to spend individual time with each rabbit and each litter of bunnies that are born here at Laikiki's Urban Mini Farm. I have added a few baby chicks to give me fresh eggs for personal farm fresh eggs that truly makes us a urban mini farm!
Thank you!

ARBA Rabbitry registration #C791.

 We have a outdoor rabbit home with a window and electricity for our bunnies (10 holes-extra holes to grow out babies!), so they are protected from hot and cold weather, when babies are born, they are usually brought in the house every day for me to care for them from day one, and then brought back to momma bunny after a few hours of human momma's ti,me!!! It just helps the babies to be more friendly as a part of our family. Our babies are raised with four children, mom and dad and other pets! They are spoiled bunnies!

A little about the name of our rabbitry! Laikiki (lie-kee-kee) comes from a Samoan word meaning "small" hint small rabbitry! Samoa is a small island on the pacific Islands!!!!

Laikiki's Rabbitry is NOT a business, but a well enjoyed hobby of raising great quality bunnies for pets and for as show bunnies, please remember that :-D

Laikiki's Rabbitry